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At TGZ Legal, perseverance, passion, and efficiency are the core values that pave the foundation of our day-to-day professional legal business service.

TGZ Legal was founded with a clear vision, to put the client’s needs and interests before everything else, helping them grow and navigate safely towards their success, by having a client-centered approach in every case handled.

Having an in-depth clear business understanding and working closely with our clients, our goal is to best protect the client’s interests and needs. We do this, by performing a root cause analysis and by sorting out the best solutions at hand, providing out-of-the-box ideas to avoid unnecessary procedures and costs associated with every step of their Legal experience.

To this end, we are constantly improving and digitalizing the way in which we render our services so that the Client receives the quickest most cost-efficient service available.

Through our specific business-tailored legal services, we thrive to stand alongside our clients as both their legal counsel but also their competent and trustworthy companion in the long run on their venture toward success.

• Attorney Alin Tegzeș
Attorney Alin Tegzeș

Commercial law

Mergers & acquisitions

Civil law

Mr. Tegzeș Ioan-Alin LL.M. (master’s in business law) is a professional Romanian Attorney, member of the Romanian National Bar Association and the Timis Bar, specialized, amongst others in the legal field of Corporate – Commercial Law, Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) and overall Civil Law aspects, speaks fluently in German, English, and Romanian, is registered and authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Justice as an official German translator and he is also the founder of TGZ Legal.

Having a vast experience in the legal profession, especially in the fields of Civil, Corporate and Commercial law, having also managed multiple complex M&A transactions, Alin Tegzeș assisted high-end foreign, as well as local clients, closing multiple multi-million-dollar deals, with success, irrespective if these clients are big corporations, medium or small entities, or if they mainly act as natural persons.

The legal services are being rendered throughout the whole country and externally where possible, through our trusted foreign collaborators.

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During his professional growth, he has legally assisted and represented clients from their early stages of incorporation i.e., guiding them through the corporate set-up procedures before the Romanian Trade Registries, managing all other necessary tasks which may involve the company and its shareholders from a legal perspective and, has provided continuous legal support with the clients` business management, in general.

Among the above legal activities performed, Tegzeș Alin thoroughly and carefully handled share capital increase/decrease procedures, legal assistance and representation in share and/or asset deals, appointment and/or removal of the company named directors, the drafting of labor and management agreements, dissolution and liquidation procedures, assisting and representing the clients in any legal claims involving the company, its shareholders and/or its directors throughout their activity.

As a member of the Romanian Bar Association, Tegzeș Alin has the legal capacity to represent and assist clients before the Romanian courts as well as the Romanian public authorities (i.e., Fiscal Authorities, Romanian Trade Registry, Banks, etc.) as well as other third parties be it legal or natural persons.

Although physically located in the western part of Romania, namely in Timișoara, the legal services are being rendered throughout the whole country and externally where possible, through our trusted foreign collaborators.

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