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The legal armour your business needs!

Strengthening business, protecting the future. We ensure solid partnerships and sustainable success for Romanian and foreign entrepreneurs who want to invest in Romania.

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About TGZ Legal

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TGZ Legal is a law office established in Timisoara, but operating throughout the country. Specializing in commercial and business law, we provide legal assistance and representation before all courts, bailiffs, notaries public, and other public or private law entities.

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TGZ Legal is the strategic partner your business needs to take your business to the next level, giving it a competitive edge over the competition. Our primary goal is to work side-by-side with entrepreneurs, forming long-term strategic partnerships with them to strengthen and fortify their businesses.

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We believe in and support the risk-taking perspective of entrepreneurs. However, we believe that taking risks without adequate protection exposes the business to dangers and losses, especially financial ones. In addition, taking them without strong legal protection makes the business vulnerable.

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This is where we come in. We build and implement the legal basis of your business while building an impenetrable wall of protection around it, so that you can take risks more wisely, knowing that you are protected against unforeseen and unpleasant situations.

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At TGZ Legal we believe that the success of your business is primarily about two important perspectives. That of making financial gains and that of preventing financial losses. We believe that both should be addressed and treated equally.

This approach is what sets us apart.

Legal services

Areas of expertise

Legal advice and representation services

We provide high quality legal assistance and representation in the following areas

  • Commercial and business law
  • Crowdfunding, venture capital and private equity
  • Legal due diligence
  • Civil and real estate law
  • Labour law
  • Civil and commercial contracts
  • Startups
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Obtaining the necessary authorizations to provide services according to NACE/CAEN Codes
  • Debt recoveries
  • Foreclosure procedures
  • Dissolution, liquidation, insolvency and/or bankruptcy
  • Trade registry

Legal disputes

We handle a diverse range of legal disputes for individuals and businesses, including

  • Civil and commercial litigation
  • Real estate law issues
  • Employment law disputes
  • Data protection litigation (GDPR)
  • Competition law litigation
  • Infringements of intellectual and industrial property rights
  • White-collar crime offences

Commercial and civil transactions

TGZ Legal specializes in commercial and civil transactions, including...

  • Civil law transactions
  • Commercial law transactions (M&A)
  • Real estate transactions
  • Employment law transactions
  • Transactions in the field of IT & technology

Benefits & services

TGZ Legal Collaboration

Temporary head office

  • We offer the possibility of setting up a temporary head office at our office address for a maximum of one year.
  • Ideal for newly established companies or those expanding in Romania.
  • Eliminates the pressure to find a permanent location quickly, giving enough time to identify the perfect location.

Translation and interpretation services

  • We provide official German-Romanian translations and interpreting by translators and interpreters authorised by the Ministry of Justice.
  • Facilitate effective communication with foreign business investors.

Certified electronic signatures

  • We provide fast and efficient assistance in obtaining certified electronic signatures.
  • We are authorized as a trusted TransSped partner, guaranteeing quality service.

Personalised legislative information

  • Our clients benefit from regular information tailored specifically to their business.
  • We filter for our clients only those legislative updates that are strictly relevant to their business.

Quick access to updates and future trends

  • Knowing ahead of time about upcoming legislative changes, TGZ Legal clients are prepared to make the best decisions at the right time.
  • Benefit from a competitive advantage by always being one step ahead of the competition.

Our commitment

TGZ Legal

No more weak, exposed, and vulnerable businesses!

Together with our customers, we build strong and sustainable businesses. So join TGZ Legal and let's build together both a legal foundation and an impenetrable wall of protection around your business to prevent any unforeseen and unpleasant legal situations that could cause a financial loss.

We are the guardians of your business! In this sense, we are more than determined to support your success. We are here for you, to help you reach new heights in the business world.

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Types of partnership

TGZ Legal Packages

We understand the different stages of growth and development that every business can be in, from the early stage (start-up) to the developed, which is why we cater to all entrepreneurs with different partnership possibilities in the form of collaboration packages.


Recommended for
Start-ups 1–5
Hours allocated per month
10 hours
Contract duration
6 months
*Legislative information
Response time
48 hours


Recommended for
Small businesses 6–10
Hours allocated per month
20 hours
Contract duration
6 months
*Legislative information
Response time
48 hours


Recommended for
Medium enterprises 11–15
Hours allocated per month
30 hours
Contract duration
6 months
*Legislative information
Response time
24 hours


Recommended for
Corporations 20 or more
Hours allocated per month
Contract duration
12 months
*Legislative information
Response time
12 hours

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